Why you need a Finder’s device like Hank

The frustration, confusion, stress and heart ache that comes with losing items should be enough to give you good reason to want to own Hank- a device that helps you save time searching for lost items.

If this isn’t enough, allow me to paint a picture for you: you like to spend your evenings after work at the gym, so you have your gym bag with all the things you need- your headphone for some good music while you work the treadmill, your gym shoes, and some essentials.

You get there, plug in your headphones, and get working. After you’re done, you go to the bathroom to take a quick shower like you always do. When you finish, you head out of the gym, leaving your headphones on the bench.

With Hank attached to it, all you need to do is ring it, and locate it.

There’s a number of scenarios where you might leave something of value behind or simply cannot remember where you’ve kept it and you tend to spend minutes, sometimes even hours searching for that lost item.

Hank takes all that struggle away. Hank is designed with blue-tooth technology that helps you locate your lost items with just one click.

For more information on how Hank works, read here.

Stop wasting time searching and just Hank it. You can follow Hank on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages to share your lost item story.