Keep track of all your important items

Yesterday, A friend lost his bunch of keys. We had gone to the supermarket to get some household items. Usually, he would keep the key in his pocket, or in a bag if he’s carrying one. We had+ bought all we needed at the supermarket, booked an Uber, and headed to our destination.

As we got to the door, he began searching his pocket for the keys to unlock the door, unfortunately, it was gone. He was almost beating himself over at the fact that he lost the keys. At the end of the day, we had to force the door open, causing some damage to the doorframe and of course an unplanned expense to change the door lock. He also mentioned that he had to sleep with one eye open just because he didn’t feel safe.

Some losses are inevitable, but there are ways you can make sure that you don’t lose every valuable item that you have. It could be utterly frustrating losing something of value; whether it’s your keys, wallet, e.t.c. not to mention the time spent in looking for these items.

Of course, when you find your misplaced items, or it’s returned to you, you experience sheer joy. Then again, finding your lost times most times is dependent on another person’s honesty and if there’s no form of identification on the item, it could be lost forever.

There are things I have done personally to stop losing things so often, like putting things where they belong or setting reminders. But, these things don’t work all the time. We can’t arrange everything, losing things is so human. And sometimes, the best thing we can do is to give ourselves a break. That’s why you need a HANK.

To say this, technology has made inventions to help make life easier. Technology like Hank. You do not have to worry much about things that you lose. In a world of chaos, the one with Hank is King. So whatever it is that is valuable to you, HANK IT!



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Hank. A must-have device to help you be your own finder’s keeper. Locate lost items with ease.