How To Find Lost Items With Ease

3 min readFeb 1, 2021


Have you ever lost something and you just wondered, ‘how did I lose this?’ You were sure you left it on the table right there in the sitting room. It’s like there’s a ghost that mysteriously hides your stuff so you can just spend the day fussing and frustrating over finding it.

I bet you’ve considered installing security cameras all over the house so you can rewind the tape to see where you’ve kept it.

You even started a checklist so that at the end of each day, you can account for all your items- Keys, Wallet, Purse, Phone, Bluetooth speaker, Remote control…

Did you know that you spend 10 minutes a day on the average looking for your phone, keys and other misplaced items? Imagine all the things you could get done with all that time.

With the Hank device, you no longer have to spend sleepless nights and late mornings looking for your missing items. With just the click of a button, you can find lost items without losing sweat.

Hank comes in stylish designs that speak to individual lifestyles. There’s the Hank luxury, designed to represent the sophisticated people, those who carry on with the intent to live life to the fullest.

Then there’s the Adventurer, designed to represent the daring humans, the go-getters. Those with the will to go on adventures and live their true potentials.

Let’s not forget the Candy Floss, designed to represent the ever beautiful, ever radiant, ever elegant user. Those who live to enjoy every moment.

And lastly, Black Panther, designed to represent royalty and deep roots. Those who have deep connections to all that has come to be.

The unique feature about Hank is it tells you when your lost item is out of bluetooth range. Like if you forget your headphone or speaker at the gym, your app will tell you the last known location of your item.

The Hank extra can take more than 5 connections, which means you can keep all your valuable items within reach at all times.

With your lost items at your fingertip, you just need to click on ‘find’ in the Hank app to ring your Hank device. Listen to the high-pitched sound, and locate your missing item.

Stop giving yourself sleepless nights and going late to the office and get a Hank. Hank has helped others with missing things at home and in public places.

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Hank. A must-have device to help you be your own finder’s keeper. Locate lost items with ease.