How Hank Keeps you Organized at Home and Work

3 min readFeb 11, 2021

More often than not, you spend 80% of your entire week disorganised either at home or in the office. You can’t remember where you’ve just kept your pen or you’ve suddenly lost memory of where your keys and wallet are just before leaving for work, making you super late.

Being organised can be achievable. This development can help you save time, energy and increase your work flow efficiently.

Step 1 :

Declutter your home

A really scattered space will make it difficult for you to find missing items. Oftentimes, it’s not intentional to mess up the place and pile up stuff where they don’t belong, but in our search for stuff, we tend to toss around and end up turning the house into a clutter.

Taking time off to declutter your home is a great step to being organised.

Set aside all the things you don’t need or use. If you haven’t worn or used it in the last 3 months, you probably don’t need it. So box up all the non-essentials and tidy up the things you actually need into cabinets and shelves.

Step 2:

Organize your workstation

With all the deadlines and pending deliverables, it could be harder to pull this off, but with a to-do list, you can tick off one thing per day or per hour, depending on your workload for the day.

Invest in a few paper holders, pencil cups, and other desk accessories to keep clutter under control.

We actually focus more on the clutter we can see while forgetting that which the world cannot see- our email. It’s a daily struggle to sort out relevant information from our mailbox. There’s over a hundred unread emails from promotions to socials. Why not set aside an hour to clear out those mail and create a system that makes it easier for you to find important documents.

How Hank can help to keep you organized

Now that you’ve decluttered your home and organized your office, throw in a Hank to help you reduce stress and confusion whenever you lose something. You can attach Hank to the items you lose regularly, for example your wallet, phone, keys, all the things that make you miss the staff bus or arrive late at the office.

Adding a Hank to your list of must-haves will make it easier for you to remain organized both at home and in the office. Anytime you lose something, Hank makes it easier for you to locate where you left them.

Do you often leave your phone charger behind at a restaurant after charging? Or you waste time at the supermarket because you left your wallet in the car or on one of the shelves while picking out something? Then you need a Hank to help make life easier.

Just ring your Hank and follow the sound to find your lost item. You must be within blue-tooth range of where you must have likely left it.

Say goodbye to heartbreaks, tension and time wastage. Find important gadgets and personal valuables anywhere, anytime. Share how Hank has helped you get organized on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.




Hank. A must-have device to help you be your own finder’s keeper. Locate lost items with ease.