How did it get there?

How did it get there? —

No matter how wealthy you are, you never want to be in that position where you’ve just misplaced an item. At Hank, we call it the Wait Oh Moment. The moment you realize you don’t have your valuable on you anymore and the Nigerian in you jumps out as you say out loud, “wait oh! Where’s my (insert missing item)?”

This week, we’re looking at weird places where people have found their lost items. This article from Bored Panda shows 50 unexpected places people have found the things they thought they’d lost forever. We picked 5 of our favourite stories to share with you. We selected these stories because the items could have easily been found with Hank — the device that helps you find your lost valuables with ease.

Keep reading to see them.

Number 5: Lost car keys in toy truck

Number 5 on our list is a man who was late to work because he couldn’t find his car keys. We’re guessing he must have turned the house upside-down looking for them because keys are small and so easy to lose. Guess where he found them later on, stuck in the ignition of his 2-year-old son’s toy truck. Haha!

Image source: Reddit

Number 4: Toys inside the Piano

In this man’s words, “I opened my Piano and found my childhood inside”. We can all agree that kids are fond of leaving their toys lying around or forgetting where they kept them. If you have a child or live with one, you know that it’s an unending chore to look for these toys. But did you know that you can attach Hank to your child’s toy or stuffed animal so when they’re about to have a meltdown because they can’t find it, you use the Hank app on your phone and simply Hank it? Easy peasy.

Image source: Reddit

Number 3: Wallet on the car roof

Okay, we have so many questions for number 3. How did it get there? How did it not fall off? But we’re glad it stayed on and held on because we can’t imagine all the credit cards, vital information, and cash that would have been lost along with it. The good news is that this is avoidable. You can slip Hank into your wallet, and when you can’t find it, just Hank it.

Image source: Imgur

Number 2: Luggage floating down the river

In number 2, we have a woman who lost her luggage, and six years later, it is found floating down a river. Lost luggage is quite popular, albeit not in rivers. It mostly happens at the airport, bus/train stations. Because there are usually many people there and the chances of having a similar traveling box or bag to another traveler’s are high. Someone may pick up yours by mistake (and, sometimes, even intentionally). If you’re always on the go, it’s important to have Hank attached to your luggage. Not only does it save you time searching for which one is yours at the terminal, but it also protects your valuables from theft.

Image source: Reddit

Number 1: Lost phone frozen in driveway

Number one on our list is a man who found his lost phone, after about a month, frozen in the ground in his driveway! Our guess is the phone slipped and fell, and he searched the whole house for it but couldn’t find it. We can also bet he borrowed a family member or friend’s phone to call it, but maybe he couldn’t hear it ring because the notifications may have been turned off.

Hank bypasses your notification settings and rings out loud when you’re looking for your phone. It also works with any smartphone, whether iOS or Android. Simply download the Hank app on your phone, pair Hank with your phone, and when you’re looking for it, press the Hank button, and your phone will ring out loud wherever it is.

Image source: Imgur

Hank is a sleek, pocket-friendly, smart finder that uses unique GPS technology to help find your valuables fast. It’s the answer to missing keys, wallets, phones, and so on which can be super frustrating. We created Hank to let you find your stuff when you just can’t remember where you left them. With just the push of a button, the Hank device will buzz and ring out loud, letting you know where your item is.

Hank is available online at and can be purchased from anywhere in the world. You can also visit our social media platforms on Instagram and @Hankitnow on Twitter for learn more.



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