It’s going to be a stress-free Christmas. www.myhank.co

Christmas is in the air! There’s a lot of frenzy which is usual at this time of the year. You’re rushing to make last-minute preparations for your trip out of town or to put everything in order for the annual family reunion and all such other end-of-the-year activities that make the yuletide the most anticipated time of the year.

By the time all is said and done, you are usually spent and need to power down and recharge for the New Year. Recharge, that’s what you ought to be doing, but what if you have to put everything back in order? Perhaps you’ve got that figured out. What you’re never prepared for is losing an item — your phone, your wallet, your handbag, and other valuables. But we really don’t want anything ruining the holidays.

You can actually have all the fun you plan to have this festive season and still not lose an item. That’s the Hank advantage. Hank is a Bluetooth-enabled item finder. You only have to attach it to an item you don’t want to lose, and if you ever misplace it, you can easily find it from the Hank app on your phone.

Hank is available online at major e-commerce sites like Konga, and Jumia. You can also make an order on the Hank website. Or if you’d rather pick it up yourself, you can go to 3c Hub and Microstation outlets in Computer Village or Rooom XIX outlet at Matis Bras Mall, Osapa, London, Lekki. And just because it’s Christmas there’s a 20% discount on the devices if you buy between now and the 28th of December.

Do only two things this Christmas: buy Hank and have as much fun as you want just because Hank has got your back. Happy Holidays!



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Hank. A must-have device to help you be your own finder’s keeper. Locate lost items with ease. myhank.co