Gift ideas for a forgetful friend

2 min readJul 10, 2021

Do you know that being forgetful is a sign of intelligence?
We all have that one friend, colleague, sister, or brother that always forgets their stuff. That person may even be you. We are not perfect, just human. Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone you care about? There are some great options for forgetful people. Take a cue from this thoughtfully selected list of gift items.

  1. Bluetooth item finder.

Have you heard of Hank? I would recommend you get this; It’s an absolute lifesaver and timesaver (you definitely would spend a lot of time looking for lost items); also to mention that they are practical and also very useful. Hank helps you save time and energy with just the click of a button. With this, you do not have to worry about losing your valuable items; you just need to Hank it and save yourself so much stress and worry.

2. Daily planners

Writing out things is an easy way to remember them. This is a great way to keep track or remember what you need to get done. (If you are forgetful, you can’t afford to be lazy also.) Whoever you’re gifting could make a checklist every day to keep them accountable and motivated.

3. Organizers

Organizers are the MVP of stuff for forgetful people. It could be a desk organizer, shelf organizer, or even a remote organizer. These could be placed at strategic points like at the entrance of their house; whenever they come in, they just empty the necessary things like keys in there so the next time they go out, they wouldn’t have to forget anything.

4. Sticky notes.

This could double as a daily planner, but the difference is, it could be used for taking note of ideas, grocery shopping lists, or to leave messages for someone. The good thing is, they come in various shapes, colours, and sizes (Some even come looking like wristwatches) to match the personality of who you would be gifting.

5. Doormat or Doorknob checklist

This is a wonderful gift, especially when it looks like something handcrafted. They make great gifts for everyone and won’t break the bank for you.




Hank. A must-have device to help you be your own finder’s keeper. Locate lost items with ease.