3 Simple Time-saving Tips

5 min readSep 9, 2021
3 Simple Time-Saving Tips — www.myhank.co

Time management is such a simple term but has proven to be a difficult skill to develop. Even the best entrepreneurs, best employees, parents, and students can have difficulty managing time effectively. And because every minute of your time is valuable, we’re sharing three time-saving tips that can save you precious minutes and help you do more.

Prepare in advance — www.myhank.co

Prepare in advance

You may have heard the saying “plan for tomorrow today”. When you plan for the next day ahead, you can get up and begin the day in no time. Say you’re a 9 to 5 worker. That means you have to wake up at least by 7 am depending on how far your commute is. So imagine waking up at that time, getting a few minutes workout in, making breakfast, picking out what to wear, and if you have kids, getting them ready for school or just for the day, and then getting into your car and heading out to work. And let’s say your commute is a 20-minute drive. So that means you have to be out of the house at most, 8:30 am, right? Giving room for traffic and any other occurrence that may cause you to be late. All of this means you have about an hour 30 minutes to get ready every weekday. Now, unless you have superpowers, getting this done every day may take a toll on you.

Our advice is this: get some things done the night before. Have your outfit for the day ready, do some meal prep, have your bag, laptop, keys, and office essentials packed and ready in a corner. Get the kids’ school supplies ready for the next day, lay out your workout gear so you can slip into it once you get up. Doing this helps you save some time, and you might even squeeze in some more sleep if you choose.

This is not limited to corporate workers or weekdays. You should plan for things like errands, meetings, and appointments, or just your day in general.

We also advise keeping a to-do list of all your activities for the next day, so your brain is ready to start processing all of it once it’s charged up. Having a list helps you stay organized. And that, in turn, saves you lots of time. Because you know what to do and what time to do them, you can stay focused and tick as many things off the list as possible.

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Have a designated workspace

Number 2 on our list is having a designated workspace at home. With the pandemic, many people have had to move their work home. Many people also do some work late at night or early in the mornings before heading out to help take the load off the to-do list. As awesome as this sounds, it can also have a negative impact. Working from home may cause you to not know where work starts and home begins. And you may find yourself mixing this up from time to time which may cause you to be disorganized.

Our advice: have a designated workspace where everything that has to do with work stays. And the moment you’re ready to shut down for the day, you can leave that spot and everything in it. Having a designated space helps you keep all your work items in one place so when you’re ready to get started in the morning, you’re not running around the house looking for items that should have been in a particular place. Your car keys are not mixed up with documents, your TV remote is not hidden in your laptop bag, or your phone somewhere in the kitchen because you took some documents there with it and accidentally forgot your phone when you dropped it.

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Use Hank to find stuff fast

Let’s face it, looking for stuff can take your precious minutes and cause you to spend more time that you do not have. Even if you have planned the day, kept your items in the place where they’re supposed to be, one little object could get misplaced and cause you to spend a long time looking for it.

Thankfully, just as we have time-saving apps, we now have a time-saving device like Hank — the everyday finder gadget that helps you find your valuables faster with just a click of a button.

The Hank app is sleek and easy to use. The Bluetooth feature helps you to easily pair it with your phone and you can then attach it to your items. And when you can’t find them, just open the app on your phone, and click the button. The Hank device will ring and let you know where the item is. Cool, right?

Hank finds a variety of items: your phone, keys, TV remote, headphones, wallet, bag, and other valuables that always get mixed up somewhere and takes you longer to find. So with this smart device, you’re sure to find stuff fast and save time.

Hank comes in 4 exciting colours — www.myhank.co

Now that you know these tips, we hope you try them, save time and get more done. Visit www.myhank.co to order your Hank and choose from four different styles — the Hank Adventurer, the Hank Candy Floss, the Hank Black Panther, and the Hank Luxury.




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